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Determining your belt size is simple: add two inches to your waist. Look for French or Italian calfskin, which should last longer and age better than typical leather. Exotics such as lizard, croc, or stingray, meanwhile, will let people know you’re rich.

There are very few things a man should keep in his wallet: license, credit card, debit card, health-insurance card, business card, and minimal cash. It’s what distinguishes us from women – and filing cabinets. So opt for a slim bifold. Spending a little more moner gets you exotic skins of higher-grade leather, which will age more elegantly.

Again, French or Italian calfskin is best. Both withstand wear and tear and only look better with age. A classic hard briefcase is the dressiest choice, but you will find more variety with softer frame-free bags. Plus, they fit more easily into overhead compartments. You also want to determine what you will be carrying, for example a laptop, product samples, and a room-temperature burger. If you need immediate access to these items, select a briefcase with at least one exterior compartment.

A good club chair made of top-grain leather runs at least RM5k. Cheaper chairs use cheaper leather, which doesn’t breathe as well and has little elasticity. The frame of the chair should come with a lifetime warranty and be made if kiln-dried hardwood. But your best bet is to sit in it. Make sure you’re comfortable.

Always remember this: calfskin will last for many years, and black will never go out of style. Lace-ups always provide a superior fit, which means better support. And in this case, a higher price usually reflects a higher quality.


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