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Its 2016 and are you ready for another exciting year ahead? Economic analysts predict a slowing global economy and this is the time that we have to face the coming year with prudent and more efficient decisions in differentiating our “Wants” and our “Needs”. Spend wisely and make good decisions is the best way to go. In this issue, we have featured a motivating topic that will prepare you to face the year of Monkey with more resilience and knowledge through numbers. You must be wondering, “Numbers?” Trust us, read on and you will find that numbers can tell you so much about yourselves than you know!

Everything in life seems to have a cycle, economies have a cycle of going up and down, politics also have a cycle, and so are businesses, fashion, you name it. The environment however, does not have a life cycle. If we don’t do our part for our future, our future generations will find it harder to survive. At Borneo 360, we believe and are committed to promote Sustainable and Healthy Living (SHL) where all our issues will promote SHL topics. Our mission and objective are to create awareness to make our beloved Kota Kinabalu to become a sustainable and healthy city to live.

A special column will be featured in each issue on recycling in Kota Kinabalu city. We highlight on the importance of recycling in this issue. Our next issue will feature who are the recycling partners that are already doing their part for the environment. For health and wellness, we will also have a fixed column to address health topics contributed by our partner doctors and specialist in their respective fields.

Do also check out our really cool survey on what do people of Kota Kinabalu think about the food, events, entertainment and shopping in this city? Find out as we see the results of the Borneo360° ALIVE Food, Events, Shopping and Entertainment Survey. A big thanks to those that have participated in the survey! Many fun questions to know what you really like, and it gets interesting as we see your answers.

To sign off, we wish you all the best for year 2016 and as our beloved Mt. Kinabalu which endured a 6.0 richter scale earthquake in June last year, Mt. Kinabalu is STANDING STRONG and is now opened to the climbers again. So make a new life list to climb Mt. Kinabalu through the breath-taking new summit trail as well as the world highest Via-Ferrata!

The Borneo Media Team