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First published in the year 2010, Borneo 360 ALIVE Magazine is operated by Borneo Media & Publication (BMP). BMP is part of the EBiz Group Of Companies (Established since 2000) which is one of the leading media & communications companies in Sabah, Malaysia which have an integrated service in media, design, communications, branding, and event management. Borneo 360 ALIVE is published quarterly with a circulation of 12,000 printed copies and digital circulation of 30,000 copies.  Along with the magazine, BMP also publishes the Free Sabah Travel Guide (STG) Maps with a circulation of 30,000 copies per quarter for the English version and 20,000 copies for the Chinese version per quarter.  STG Maps were first published since the year 2001 and we have circulated more than 2 million copies and is the most popular tourist map to look for when you arrive in Sabah. Our maps are located within the Kota Kinabalu arrival hall with our specialized brochure racks.


In our first progress towards being a sustainable magazine and media distribution, at BMP, we strive to move towards the digital age by moving towards digital content distribution. In an effort to decrease printed copies of our periodicals, all our issues are available for download and from the online digital library ISSUU, on social media Facebook and from our website. Printing less means we can be allocated more funds to generate more quality content and marketing our magazine through social media and other dynamic platforms.

In our second progress towards sustainability, through our new filming company Borneo 360 ALIVE Productions, we are now producing video content and will integrate our magazine with video content. We also have our own Borneo 360 ALIVE youtube channel online where you can watch all our features and reviews videos.


Everything in life seems to have a cycle, economies have a cycle of going up and down, politics also have a cycle, and so are businesses, fashion, you name it. The environment, however, does not have a life cycle. If we don’t do our part for our future, our future generations will find it harder to survive. At Borneo 360, we believe and are committed to promoting Sustainable and Healthy Living (SHL) where all our issues will promote SHL topics. Our mission and objective are to create awareness to make our beloved Kota Kinabalu become a sustainable and healthy city to live.

A special column will be featured in each issue of recycling in Kota Kinabalu city. We highlight the importance of recycling in this issue. Our next issue will feature who are the recycling partners that are already doing their part for the environment. For health and wellness, we will also have a fixed column to address health topics contributed by our partner doctors and specialist in their respective fields.


Editorial: John Kong (+6019-4274064)
Advertisement: William Chiang (+6012-8182811)

Borneo Media & Publication
Suite A33A, 3rd Floor, Tanjung Aru Plaza
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: +6088 270233, 210133  Fax: +6088-246613
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