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Borneo Marine-UMS
Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI) undertakes and promotes high quality research, training and outreach in the fields of marine science and aquaculture. The Institute has emerged as a venue for pursuing excellence in demand-driven advance research, and synthesis and dissemination of
knowledge across a wide range of these subjects in regional, national and international contexts.

BMRI is a centre of excellence at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, besides being the Focal Point (for Malaysia) of the International Ocean Institute.
Location of the Institute at the seafront, with a jetty to the sea, berthing facilities for research boats,
finfish and crustacean hatcheries, well-equipped laboratories and an attractive Aquarium and Marine Museum are some of the advantages for education and research, and a coherent functioning of this center of excellence.
There is a great deal of synergy among the various research programs when it comes to sharing of
knowhow and jointly pursuing a problem. Thus, cage aquaculture receives inputs from marine
science related to coastal hydrodynamics and harmful algal blooms. Aquaculture also relies on
biotechnology in modulation of immunity, disease management and environmental remediation. On
the other hand, hatchery technology developed by the aquaculture programs helps in sea farming,
sea ranching and population restoration. Knowledge generated by all these subjects is used to develop climate change adaptation strategies and frameworks for sustainable development.