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Borneo Media
Borneo Media

‘The Last Ring Lady’, a proudly produced Indigenous documentary by Borneo Media Publication and Dreamer Visual team, tells the story of the remaining last Ring ladies who wore the traditional ‘Ruyang’ and ‘Rasung’, which are coiled copper rings on the forearms and calves. The documentary premiered in Japan NHK BS World in August 2019.

The documentary was directed by Nova Goh from Sarawak and produced by William Chiang of Sabah. Set in Sarawak Bengoh Range where a reservoir dam was built, the production shooting team consist of 90% Sabahans except for Nova Goh. Inspired and driven with a mission of sharing Borneo with the world audience, the incredible journey took 4 whole years to be completed. The protagonists of the documentary are a 70-year-old couple, Peluk and Tahing, and fashion designer Miss Leng Legenda. The story depicts how both parties united to preserve a dying heritage. The Bidayu Tebiak heritage at risk was what inspired the team to tell document their existence to the world, as this may be the last and only opportunity to do so.

The brave team consists of DOP- Asbury Bendy, Engelbert Chong, Storyboard and Sound: Kwan K S, Editing: Dicky Loh & Pentium Tie, the team were supported by local Kuching logistic Team helm by Eva.

Borneo Media

Aside from producing films with Nova Goh, William and together with John Kong runs Borneo Media and Publication (BMP). This company has undertaken over 20 projects ranging from corporate international videos from Hard Rock Café to drone footages for the Discovery Channel. BMP has also produced a 6-part documentary series of 4WD 4×4 entitled “Borneo Expedition” for Astro Malaysia which aired in November 2019. For 2020, BMP focuses more on research for documentaries. The duo also runs Borneo Images, a fine print photo gallery located at Tanjung Aru Plaza. They also undertake photographic projects and sell stock images for publication purposes.

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