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With the beginning of a brand new year, everyone is looking for ways to improve their lives – whether it’s shedding a few pounds, taking on a new hobby or completely revamping their living space for renewed inspiration. If what you are seeking is the latter, then you are at the right place!

2017 home design trends call for lush colours, plush textures and contemporary takes on traditional designs that make the perfect environment to create a “new you”.

This year is all about creating luxuriant spaces by embodying classic designs and making them modern with unique colours, texture and material choices. As for colours, grays with warm beige undertones are the current favourites for living rooms and kitchens, while bold reds and rich caramels are the picks for bedrooms. Here are some contemporary home design ideas you can use to begin 2017!



Contrasting islands                                       Traditional Kitchens with a                                                                                                    TwistBuilt-in bars

Is a built-in bar a little over-the-top for                         Bring the party home with a sleek built-in bar!
you? Then a colourful island is a simple                        The trend, which is a twist on 2016’s bar cart
substitute that offers extra room for                              trend, is the perfect addition for homeowners who
mixing drinks and whipping up tasty                             love to entertain. The bars add instant pizzazz to
snacks for family and friends. The key to                      an otherwise traditional kitchen, plus offer built-in
nailing this trend and making it modern                       shelving for cocktail fixings, drinks, glasses and
is choosing a contrasting colour. Have a                        everything you’ll need for a ritzy night in.
kitchen with a lot of warm hues? Then
choose an island in a cool shade to
create an amazing balance!

Hexagonal tile backsplash                         White and wood kitchens

It might have been “hip to be                                           If complex geometric shapes and bright colours
square” in 2016, but 2017’s tile                                       aren’t your cup of tea, embrace a simple style with
designs are all about experimenting                              white accessories and wood countertops for a
with other geometric                                                         modern twist on country chic.
shapes — namely, hexagons. Go
for a cool, monochromatic look,
or choose a few complementary
colours for a punchy focal point.

The Living Room                                          Beige is in

Opt for Shadow or Poised Taupe To add                     If gray is a little too dim, consider using a palette of
a more loosen mood to your living                               beige-based neutrals to create a warm and cozy
room, choose the shadow or poised                             atmosphere. Don’t forget the color! With all these
taupe, both of which are neutral tones                        neutral tones taking stage in 2017, it’s important to
that add understated warmth to a                                add pops of colour to keep your space from looking   room.                                                                                  “blah.”

Velvet aboveground                                    In the bath You’re so vain

Another way to add colour and texture to a                Vanity mirros are making a comeback! Instead of
space is with a velvet statement piece.                         reaching for pre-manufactutured designs,
Designers are adding the lush fabric on                      homeowners are getting crafty by using and
sofas, throw pillows and even curtains for                  combining chests of drawers, old file cabinets and
a sultry look.                                                                      vintage consoles to make one-of-a-kind pieces.

Black steel(and glass)

Take your shower to the next
level with black steel and glass
doors. The result is an understated
chic space that allows plenty
of natural light to come through.


Playful Bedrooms

They hang brightly                                   Time for romance

Instead of table lamps, consider                                  While neutral tones will be popular for living rooms,
hanging pendant lights in the                                       kitchens and bathrooms, warm, romantic colors will
bedroom to create a whimsical style.                          rule bedrooms. According to, colors
This option works especially well in                            like raspberry pink, deep ruby red, caramel and even
small rooms where there’s no space                            black are the perfect shades for bedrooms.
for nightstands (or where you want to
use your nightstand space for something
besides a lamp).