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Cruising The Klias Wetlands


Wildlife tours need not be long days spent driving along bumpy country roads and mucking through the
rainforest for a glimpse of a rare and endangered species. Many natural areas are now available within acomfortable 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, and are hugely popular with visitors on a tight time
schedule and budget.
The Klias Wetlands is a mangrove forest reserve located about 110km south of the city with large tracts
of mangrove, riverine and swamp forests acting as a floodplain for the mighty Padas River, and other
smaller rivers and canals. The Klias River that flows gently through the flood plain attracts the most
visitors with its clear waters and scenic route towards the sea.
A typical tour to the Klias Wetlands starts in the afternoon with a leisurely drive to enjoy Sabah’s
picturesque countryside before arriving just in time for tea at the jetty. As the boats get ready, visitors
stretch their legs and indulge in some sweet and savoury delights from the tea table.
Klias Wetland River Cruise
Cruising the Klias River is perfectly timed to take advantage of a peculiar hab it of an equally peculiar
animal that inhabit the mangrove forest here. Groups of proboscis monkeys make a boisterous show of
settling down by the riverside just before sunset while boatmen deftly manouever their boats to give
tourists a closer view of this amazing animals in their natural habitat.
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Klias Wetland River Cruise 7Klias Wetland River Cruise
The long pendulous noses of the male proboscis monkeys, and their distended pot bellies, look comical
yet incredibly fascinating at the same time. There are all-male bachelor groups as well as harems
dominated by an alpha male and his ‘wives’ and ‘children’.
Klias Wetland River Cruise Klias WEtland River Cruise
Other riverside residents that may be spotted are long-tailed macaques, crocodiles, monitor lizards, tree
snakes and birds.
When there is a lull in wildlife activity, take the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding views with rustic
village huts dotting the landscape, buffaloes meandering into the river to wallow in its coolness, or
perhaps a bit of line fishing the way the locals do.
The wildlife cruise ends with a scrumptious dinner of food cooked with ingredients sourced fresh from
the rivers and surrounding farmlands. Simple yet flavourful, food cooked fresh and eaten outdoors is
one of the best ways to savour Sabah’s culinary delights.
As night falls, and the proboscis monkeys have made their bed for the night, other creatures come out
to play. The second boat cruise allows you to experience a wondrous spectacle of fireflies lighting up the
mangrove trees – it’s like being in an enchanted forest and that inner child in you will be totally
awestruck. The view is even better on a moon-less night as the fireflies look even brighter against the
dark sky.
The Klias Wetlands tour is a great option for the whole family. The journey is relatively easy and relaxed,
and there is just enough wildlife excitement to thrill both adults and children.
Klias Wetland River Cruise Klias Wetland River Cruise