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Find out more about your body and how you can make that change today. Gleneagles Obesity & Diabetes Screening Package is now available at RM70 only and includes laboratory examination, BMI & body composition analysis and consultation with bariatric surgeon. Price quoted inclusive of GST and registration fee of RM10. The ill-health effects of obesity now can lead to other equally serious problems such as diabetes or high-blood pressure in the future. Doctors are urging Malaysians to put more emphasis on outdoor activities and adhering to a well-balanced diet to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Our attachment to modern technology has also made us more sedentary with long hours spent in front of a laptop, whether working, surfing or gaming. Our whole body is affected from the lack of muscle use to uncontrolled food intake.The prevalence of obesity in Malaysian society has increased over the years with the latest statistics showing that the overweight and obese make up nearly half of its population. Poor diets and office-oriented lifestyles have been cited as a serious threat to life and health, and these are the main contributing factors to the rise in the number of obese and overweight people in Malaysia.

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