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For the families that want to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, we have just the place for you! Located at 88 Marketplace Kepayan, Haus Cafe is a community cafe where their main focus is to gather friends, families, acquaintances or even strangers in one place with coffee accompanied by good homemade meals (all day breakfast) to complete the homey vibe. With their comfortable environment and a mainly focused room for kids, it is very suitable for parents to bring their children whilst grabbing a cuppa. Hence, kids’ birthday packages for parties are applicable. If you’re with a group of friends, they have board games to kick start a fun hanging out session. Good readings are also available if you’re keen in having your alone time. Haus Cafe sure is different from other cafes as they have monthly bazaar, workshops, talks and also a platform for local musicians to shine. Their operating hours are 10am to 10pm on Monday till Thursday, and 10am to 11pm on Friday till Sunday.

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