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“White Christmas”


IMAGO “Hope Express” Charity Ride

On behalf of Asian Pac Holdings Berhad, welcome to the launching of “Hope Express”, the train ride at Imago Mall that we hope will bring greater awareness to those who have special needs and hopefully, we can help them realise their dreams in a small way.
Like our Christmas theme here at Imago this year, “Once Upon A Dream” we hope that we will be able to make dreams come true. Hence, our Christmas event this year is very special, an ice castle with snow fall every day in the hope of creating a “white Christmas” that many of us dream about but rarely have the chance to experience.
Ladies and gentlemen, we did not want to stop there. No. It is not just a Christmas event at a mall. It is an initiative, a campaign, a dream, a wish to extend Imago beyond just this building that we are in. We want to reach out. Reach out to those who have special needs, those less fortunate than us. So, we created a magical train ride that is FREE to ride, but all we hope that before we take this ride, we remember those who have no chance to enjoy the simple things in life that we sometimes take for granted. A small donation before you take the ride is what we hope, and Asian Pac and Imago Mall will bear the full cost of the operation of this ride. Therefore, we have named this train ride “Hope Express”, hoping that your generosity will make dreams, no matter how big or small, happen faster for those who need a to believe again in humanity.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure we are all aware of the news of a Samaritan, Mr. Lee Hui Sen, who gave up RM44,500 that he deposited for an auctioned house after he found out about the woes of the family living in it. This is a very good example of paying it forward, an act of giving and doing to others in advance before we ourselves even receive an act of kindness. We should praise such spirit and this train ride is a bit of that. We should always count our blessings and remember those who are less fortunate.
If you follow Imago’s Facebook page, you will probably notice a hashtag that we have used consistently throughout this Christmas period, #PositiveChange. Ladies and gentlemen, there is too much doom and gloom all around us. There is too much negativity. We need some boost, a change, a positive change, and it all starts with us ourselves. Pay it forward. Do a good deed. Give a smile. Be first to greet. A small breeze can create big waves in the ocean.
Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you and appreciation to my fellow colleagues at Imago for getting together and be the first to contribute to “Hope Express”. I thank you for your generous donations. Your hearts are kind. Your thoughts are pure. All of us have joined hands to make a #PositiveChange. Imago is taking this first step, and we hope that you will join us in making this change too.
Let us all bring our hands together and start this ride of hope and promise.

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