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Jesselton Medical Centre Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
activities fulfill many different purposes. As one of the leading professionals in the healthcare sector,
Jesselton Medical Centre (JMC) is using it to focus on social issues that could serve to improve the
quality of healthcare at all levels of society be it rural or urban. JMC has done a number of activities
under this concept such as the Metro Town Night Market Free Basic Health Screening Booth, Eye Camp, JMC Community Day, regular blood donation campaigns at the medical centre and other activities to help the less fortunate.

JMC Community Day Free Health Health Check

JMC Community Day

JMC opened its doors on 16th January 2015 and celebrated its 1st anniversary by organizing the JMC
Community Day event in 2016 where it offered free screenings, free consultations as well as free
health talks by its specialists. Metro Town Night Market – JMC Basic Health Screening BoothFree
basic medical health screening such as blood sugar and blood pressure tests are offered every Saturday from 6pm-9pm at the Metro Town Night Market. People often take these tests for granted without realizing that extremely high or low blood sugar or/and blood pressure are significant indicators that a person’s health is in jeopardy and may need immediate medical attention.
JMC-Free Dietitian Consultation

Lending A Helping Hand Outside the Medical Centre Premises

JMC also uses its CSR activities to motivate is staff to realize and acquire the attitude that JMC has a
responsibility towards the people of Sabah especially in the rural areas. JMC will continue to widen its CSR activities with the aim to cater to the maximum health of people.
The other objectives of JMC’s CSR programme is to help, educate and expose the rural communities to a healthier lifestyle, and how to look after themselves health-wise by using facilities that are available to them without the need of expensive equipment, medicine or services. Activities such as the Eye Camp in Sipitang and assistance offered to victims of the Ranau earthquake exhibited JMC’s commitment to its CSR initiative in rural communities. In carrying out its CSR outreach programmes, JMC takes into consideration the culture and traditions of the villages they work in. Efforts are made to understand their daily work routine, family life, social and political structure, values, beliefs, customs, health practices and attitudes. Every activity initiated is the result of discussion with the village folks to ensure that they understand and are willing to change for the betterment of their health. It is a human rather than a disease approach to health.
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