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Kampung Bahang

Kampung Bahang

For some, choosing where to eat can be a challenging feat. What with the many amazing eateries available in Kota Kinabalu, we can’t blame you! So, if you find yourself indecisive on where to get
food, going to Kampung Bahang Roadside Café will surely solve your problem. Why you say? Because under one roof, they have a variety of food stalls that you can choose from so if you’re not sure on which kind of food to eat, surely feasting your eyes on the many dishes here can take care of that. Stalls that you can find here are Siboguan Pork Burgers, Uncle Chau’s Pork Dumplings, Ben & Steph Kitchen
Corner, Vape Group Community, affordable beverages stalls and plenty more. And if you’re lucky, you
might even catch live performances here at Kampung Bahang Roadside Café.

Kampung Bahang


For more info:

Address: Jalan Kobusak, Kampung Bahang, Penampang.

Telephone: +6019 805 4375

Business Hours: 5.30pm to 12.00am