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M U K A : Self-Portrait Exhibition by Asgardian School of Art

Asgardian School of Art will be having a month-long self-portrait exhibition titled, MUKA for the entire month of April 2018. This exhibition will be the first official event organised and hosted by our school, in collaboration with Sabah Art Gallery, putting a mark on our milestone in art education in Sabah. The MUKA exhibition will be showcasing wonderful portraits of young children till adults with different interpretations and expressions. We want to create a platform for artists of all ages to be able to showcase their wonderful creations.

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The exhibition itself needs no introduction, as you will be able to judge by yourselves in a few moments. Some exhibitions are even as young as 6 years old. A total of 42 artworks from Asgardian School of Arts, 16 artworks from Hong Kong Pure Art Center, and 1 artwork from Visual Communication Association. But allow me to share with you some insight or reflection on its own significance value.

Innovation and imagination has become more and more essential in the progression of humanity. As we can see in our current world, a lot of great achievement has been out achieving by its own time. For example a noble figure such as Stephen Hawking, a Theoretical Physicist, creating a breakthrough in understanding our universe which is hard to achieve with such limited resources during his time.

He once said, “Remember to look up at the stars, not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

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We need to be curious, to be brave and more open mind in our lives. A lot of great achievement is not done by just abiding the rules, but imagination and bravery to express and act upon.

Therefore, art education is crucial in promoting exploration and possibilities through creation. Even though academic achievement is important, I strongly believe that creativity is the key to develop diversity and to make a difference.

This Muka Exhibition, encourages students to be brave with expressing themselves, to imagine and to create their very own art. We hope to create a generation of people who are innovative and brave to expressing themselves and make a difference in our society.

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