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PREGiO by Barista Caffé

If you have had a cup of coffee at Pregio by Barista Caffé, then you know that they are not your regular
coffee joint. Involved in every step of the way from the selection and roasting of their beans, these
coffee connoisseurs have been cultivating the coffee culture in Kota Kinabalu not only with their
delectable brews, but also with a variety of educational as well as professional workshops and classes
covering everything about coffee.

Let’s Look

Into their humble beginnings. Originating in Hong Kong over 12 years ago, Kota Kinabalu is Pregio by Barista Caffé’s first international branch. They first opened in year 2013 on the growing gourmet grounds of Metrotown, Kolombong. Assuring world class quality beans for that wholesome and superior taste to the people of Sabah, they ship their assortment of beans from the roasting outlet in Hong Kong all the way to the Land Below the Wind.
Fast forward to 2017, Pregio by Barista Caffé has now expanded with two more outlets opened at Borneo Sports Arena (BSA), Kolombong and at a premier cutting edge building, the Plaza Shell, giving coffee enthusiasts more accessibility to enjoy their one of a kind coffee and equally delicious meals.


Prides themselves in their selection of Single Origin Coffee, meaning coffee beans originating from a single country or plantation. With no blends and mixes, single origin coffee offers nothing more that the purity and depth in beans sources from Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. But if you like your classics, Pregio produces a house blend using 3 distinctively different beans that are used in each cup of Americano, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Mocha.
Besides the brews, there is a small but warm menu of Italian dishes focusing on spaghettis, pizzas and a list of home baked goods such as cakes and brownies. For dessert, the Panna Cotta with Coffee Sauce is simply delectable; a smooth Panna Cotta cleverly incorporating tinges of coffee is served with seasonal fruits.
Founder Janice Leong is no stranger to coffee. Being a judge for the Hong Kong Barista Championship in 2014 and the Hong Kong Siphonist Championship in 2015, needless to say she definitely knows what your taste buds require when you are craving for coffee fix! Apart from letting you have coffee, they also have an academy to train people, called the Barista Guild Asia.
Under the leadership of trainer Janice Leong herself, the Barista Guild Asia is Malaysia’s leading independent coffee academy dedicated to the growth and development not only limited to the coffee industry and coffee professionals, but also the empowerment of consumers as well. The academy provides education so the public can independently make well informed coffee decisions, to provide in-depth information, training and support for professional development, and to provide support and training crucial to entrepreneur’s growth in the coffee industry.
So, if you’re interested in being a coffee entrepreneur, join the industry by signing up in their Coffee Diploma System or if you have a passion for coffee, book their fun and informative consumer classes that includes Introduction to Coffee, Latte Art and more!

For more info:

Address: Lot 17, BSA complex, kolombong 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Telephones: +60 88 382 579
Business Hour: Shop close every wednesday