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About Rustic Borneo Craft Enterprise

The establishment of Rustic Borneo Craft started with the intention to promote and export natural products particularly made by the tropical plants from Borneo Rainforest. This mission is with the thoughts of contributing to eliminate poverty and to build the capacity of the local communities in
Borneo by utilizing the natural resources of Borneo Rainforest. In light of all that, we created the words.


Investing in sustainable products and empowering the people to drive this business growth which enable our business partners to have a meaningful and significant impact throughout the expansion of this supply chain business activity.
Our MAIN products categories are Health & Beauty which focuses on the subtle aromatherapy products derives from splendid herbs & spices of Borneo, Natural Handmade soap with the best essence from Borneo Rainforest, virgin coconut oil, essential oil, following with tropical household products ranging from kitchenware, dinnerware to tropical creative decorative items, handmade by the community, further to the innovation of contemporary Modern Art and Woman Accessories from around Indonesia and Philippine.
Rustic Borneo Craft aims to revitalize the traditional herbs and spices of borneo rainforest and to acknowledge the quiet achievement of countless indigenous women whom has
determined to pass down their skills to the young generations.
KIM- The founder of natural artisan soap from Borneo rainforest
Rustic Borneo
Kim Inho is a nature lover who has been living in Sabah for more than 10 years, with his passion in nature’s beauty, Kim spearheaded his beauty venture in handcrafted soap product development, Kim believes in natural and purity. Throughout his research, Kim has developed variety of handcrafted tropi
cal flavour soap from cinnamon, avocado, lemongrass, coconut to Noni. To him, Borneo rainforest has the best natural essence to offer. “The abundance of tropical herbs and plants has inspired me to enhance my research and strengthen know how transfer of natural skin care products from my home country (Korea) to Sabah.” said the former literature student. Till today, Rustic Borneo offer an array of skincare products from natural artisan soap, essential oil, virgin coconut oil to VCO moisturizing balm.
Rustic Borneo

Melissa- The cultural inspired Sabahan

The clinging sense of affection for cultural inspired Sabah- Borneo born Melissa to pursue her Local Nature Guide License in 2011. Melissa has been actively involved in local community projects but what really excites her is the opportunity to present the magnificent downstream products from the local community ranging from “Health & Beauty”, “Anyaman”, Bamboo craft, and even recycle art paper from the People With Intellectual Disability through the power of social media and information technology. Under the guidance of The International Ecotourism Society and local field experience, she is on a mission to strengthen public awareness about local community development by highlighting the richness of Borneo’s flora and fauna, as well as its colorful culture.