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The subject of sustainability is always present in our conscience, whether as a social or business trend or code of practices that surrounds our society not only in the international but local level too.

While there is a general agreed consensus that sustainable development is an international agenda which comprises of balancing the 3 main pillars, that is the environment, the economic and social pillars, we must constantly remind ourselves, are we doing our part or are we doing enough for this precious planet that we live in and to preserve it for our future generations?

Today’s cities have become the symbols of advancement in economy and technology. As the economy grew, the population also grew in tandem which increases the level of consumption, waste and emission. While everyone’s part no matter how big or small is important to reduce carbon footprint and consumption, for our planet to survive, we must put in place systematic sustainable development policies both in the short and longer term.

To push towards sustainability, we must release ourselves from our comfort zones and embrace the use of smart technologies that can substantially assist us to increase the efficiency of resources consumption and delivery, reduce wastage and creating a better quality of life for everyone. The next phase of development will see the extensive and systematic use of technology to improve our existing efforts and create new possibilities to strive towards these goals.

According to Datuk Ir. Hj. Yahiya. Ag. Kahar, the outgoing IEM Sabah Branch Chairman, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) has always strived to educate its members to encourage their clients to use smart technologies available in the market. IEM has also worked with technology innovators to introduce the application of the new technologies to its members.

IEM Sabah’s incoming branch chairman, Ir. James Yong Hon Min further concurs that one of IEM main mission is to see the extensive and systematic use of smart technologies in achieving sustainable development.

While there are mountains of information out there about sustainability and indexes to benchmark upon, the objective of this report is to explore what the State of Sabah, a federation state of Malaysia has done for herself. Have we done enough to make our state more sustainable and where are we in the global and national scene?