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TANJUNG ARU ECO DEVELOPMENT – A Mega Urban Sustainable Tourism Development For The City Of Kota Kinabalu

A rejuvinated much larger publicTanjung Aru Beach and Prince Philip Park

In the development of a feature story for The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) – Sabah Branch on Smart Technology for Sustainability, Borneo 360 ALIVE had an exclusive interview with Datuk Seri Panglima Victor S. Paul, Executive Director of Tanjung Aru Eco Development Sdn. Bhd. (TAED) to find out more about what the TAED project is all about and here is an excerpt of the interview:

Tanjung Aru is of sentimental value to all Sabahans, especially seniors like me. However, todayTanjung Aru has lost much of its glory. To restore it to its former glory, the State Government has taken on a monumental task. In this aspect, Tanjung Aru Eco Development Sdn. Bhd. was formed as a 100% government owned company registered under the Chief Minister Incorporated (Ordinance). The company’s mission is firstly to address the present environmental issues, to rejuvenate Prince Phillip Park and Tanjung Aru Beach to create a holistic sustainable development to boost up the economy of the state which will major contributor whom we are create job opportunities for the people grateful to is the Prime Minister and of of Sabah. course, the Federal Government.

This development is expected to bring in an initial investment of approximately RM30 Billion to energize the economy and to create jobs. This eco development has a rainforest theme which will focus on creating green public spaces to provide a healthy environment for the people.

The driving force behind this vision is the Chief Minister of Sabah, who with the top civil servants as board members have been entrusted to ensure the success of the project. I act as the executive director on a pro-bono basis to manage the project because of my experience in building Perdana Park.

Financing for this project is a major issue. A minimum amount of the land­ approximately around 30% – has to be sold to raise the required funding. A major contributor whom we are  grateful to is the Prime Minister and the Federal Government. The Federal Government has given us a RM500 Million facilitation grant for they realised the benefits that the project will bring to the people and revenue to the state.

The State Government has not forgotten the younger generation. It has earmarked 5.78 hectares of land to be developed into affordable apartments for young Sabahans. The cost of the land is to be absorbed by TAED.

With this in mind, I hope, together with your support, we can achieve this vision and make Sabah an example to the rest of Malaysia.

As Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict your future is to create it” and this is exactly what the State Government is doing.