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The UMS EcoCampus Management Centre was established in 2013 as a point of reference to act as a steward of the environment, contributing to global efforts towards sustainability by introducing environmental excellence in teaching and learning, research, infrastructure development, management and operational practices, and campus experience.

As part of the EcoCampus transformation plan, infrastructure development such as the establishment of a recycling facility on campus was mulled to enhance the recycling programme effort with the main aim to manage the three categories of waste: paper, plastic bottle and can. Other types of waste such as organic waste generated from the on-campus restaurants are managed separately through the establishment of a composting field.

The campus recycling facility will be located in one of the buildings at the Faculty of Engineering and will be equipped with two units of baler (1000 kg weight each). All the waste generated within UMS will be sorted from sources and stored temporarily at the collection centre in each main building or complex. On alternate days, the waste will be collected and transported from the collection centre to a recycling facility for compaction or baling. The bale wastes will then be stored within the facility before being exported offsite for further processing.

In supporting the campus recycling programme, the facility is also equipped with a training room, which is designed for small groups (about 50 peoples) to conduct training and workshops related to sustainability activities. This room will also used as a waste gallery and exhibition, which will be opened to the general public as part of its public education programme. This recycling centre will be a learning centre for sustainability on campus that UMS and the general public can be proud of.

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