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Borneo360 ALIVE’s Guide To Maximising Your Free Time To Its Fullest

When we think of the phrase “free time”, it usually means to have (get) coffee at our favourite coffee shops, to go drinking at pubs and bars, laze on our couches at home and watch television, or simply just to rest; but instead of doing all that, have you ever wondered about the possibilities of accomplishing more for yourself as well as the society? From time to time, the 9 to 5 routine overwhelms us that we rarely consider the possibility of doing what we have always desired to do. Be it to increase our fitness, to pursue our hobbies and passions, to try new things, or to help contribute to the society; all these wishes are forced to be put in the back seat.

There nothing wrong with that, in fact, prioritising your career is very rewarding. Being productive and achieving your goals in work will give you a sense of fulfillment that is healthy to both mind and body. But what if we tell you that you can accomplish the same satisfaction in your free time? Kota Kinabalu has a lot to offer; there are many wonderful and invigorating activities that you can do in this tropical city. So to assist you in balancing work and leisure, here’s a guide to maximising your free time.

One of the best things about Kota Kinabalu is that the wonders of its nature can be enjoyed only a step away; in this case, to marvel at the flora and fauna down below is only a boat ride away! Diving can be a truly gratifying experience – you get to witness the life and beauty of the sea and its inhabitants underwater and the closest place to do so is in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. There are many dive sites in this park, namely Police Reef, Agill’s Reef, Bulijong Reef and Eel Garden in Gaya Island; Clement Reef, Coral
Garden, Ron Reef and Sapi House Reef at Sapi Island; West Ridge and Mid Reef in Manukan Island; Mamutik House Reef and Pyramid at Mamutik Island; and Sulaman Reef and the Drop Off at Sulug Island. The depths can be as deep as 30 metres, and there are plenty of operators to choose from to dive at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Sunset Walkway
Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful city filled with many exciting places. Take a leisure walk from Suria Sabah Shopping Mall all the way to Imago Shopping Mall at KK Times Square at the sunset walkway and visit the Central Market, Waterfront, Oceanus Waterfront Shopping Mall, and Anjung Senja (restaurants and eateries) along the path all while overlooking the South China Sea. Wear comfortable attire for this stroll and bring a camera too! The magnificent view will leave you in awe and the walk itself is a good mild exercise to burn some calories. After you’ve finished the long walk, you can drop by Beernest Mixo at Waterfront and drink their healthy and energizing mocktails or treat yourself to beer fest during their Happy Hour.

Put aside video games, computer games, or even the games in your smartphones; and challenge yourself at a real life escape game at Lockdown Suria Sabah! Your mind, knowledge and skills wil be tested throughout the games at Lockdown where the fundamental objective of them is to escape a trap. There is a total of four different stories that you can choose from, depending on which one suits your fancy. One of the story, Candy House, is whimsical and colourful but is still challenging. We don’t want to give too much away, you have to go there yourself! But we will say this; should you succeed, you will be remembered as heroes in their hall of fame. Should you fail to escape, Lockdown will tell
everyone! Now isn’t this an enticing way to spend your free time? You can contact them at 088-448156 to make a reservation or see their Facebook Page, Lockdown Malaysia to find out what you’ll be signing up for. And one more thing, they may have a new game coming soon; and we heard it’s enough to give you nightmares!

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