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This is especially true around the holiday season. It’s a season to gather and celebrate, and at the centre of that celebration is food.

All Sabahans living away from home, miss one other thing almost as much as they miss their family and friends, and that is food.


Sure, we have our Christmas dinners of turkey, stuffing, cakes and custard. But come the morning after, heads heavy from all that bubbly, we bee line to the nearest fish head noodle, sup pipin or ngiu chap. That’s just the Sabahan way.

当然,沙巴的圣诞晚餐也有火鸡、馅饼、蛋糕以及蛋奶冻等等传统的圣诞菜肴。而新的一天清晨开始,沙巴汉最想要的应该还是鱼头米粉 、pipin汤面或者牛杂,这是沙巴汉的早餐。




For a little more kick out but still sticking to our Asian flavours, we recommend Thaily in Lido Plaza (Lot 3, Ground floor, Kedai Lido Plaza, Penampang).

Owned by a husband and wife duo, one being Thai and another Sabahan, expect homely Thai flavours and a warm Sabahan welcome. It’s so good that you could Thaily, daily. Pun intended.


Kg. Nelayan

Kampung Nelayan

And if you are looking for one last gathering before you ring in the year, Kampung Nelayan(Jalan Kolam, Bukit Padang) is a classic choice. It doesn’t get more nostalgic than the wooden boarded floors, floating boat restaurant and live seafood here. Where the 7.30pm cultural dance gives you a fun experience of feeling like tourist in your own town for a night. They have amazing varieties of Seafood to savoir your taste-bud.

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临近2017年的终结, 又有什么美味菜肴是你最想要品尝的呢?位于武吉巴登(Bukit Padang)的Kampung Nelayan 餐厅就是品味怀旧与经典的最佳选择,餐厅建材以木板为主依水而建,外观有如浮在岸边船,除了各式各样生猛海鲜供顾客选择,傍晚7时30分又有本地传统文化舞蹈表演,可谓视觉与味觉的双重享受。




One exciting thing about being away and coming back is getting reacquainted to all your favourite spots. A little hide out for brunch and coffee, befitting of its name, Sabahans that are away will be surprised to find that their favourite Nook (No 8 Lorong Dewan) is growing beyond its little nook and cranny. Expanding to a much bigger space but still along Jalan Dewan, look for nook in the New Year.