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Calista Liew-Hitz FM Announcer, Event, Podcast

In Borneo 360 Alive segment, we speak to and share our very own Sabahan tru-blue Calista Liew of Hitz FM KL, Some of them currently works abroad. Plus they are sharing some insight tips on the city’s they lives in.

Calista Leah Liew @Hosting the day show on Malaysia’s #1 Hit Station for 4 years and counting, Calista shares her love for all things pop every weekday, and talks content with a new podcast every week on The C Word – listen on the Syok app. She has 6 other social platforms, so lets hear from her reply..

1)  Firstly, was moving to Kuala Lumpur  from Sabah a difficult decision? Has that change you after 3 years based in KL?

ANSWER: To be honest, it was definitely a little scary to take the leap, especially as I had to make a very quick decision! After my ex-manager and friends gave me the little extra push though, I remembered that the opportunity was such a dream come true that there was no way I could turn it down. 

After being here for almost 3 years, I’ve never been happier. I get to do what I love, work with a great team, and have adapted to life in the big city, although I definitely make it a point to visit home every few months!

2)     If you’re not a radio announcer, what would you do?

ANSWER: Before I got into radio, I was working in events management, and also hosting stage shows, which I loved, so I think I would still be doing that.

3)      What advise you would share to Sabahan who wish to seek a career in Bigger city life.?

ANSWER: Don’t let your comfort zone trap you! It’s hard to head into the unknown when you are comfortable being where you are, but if you are looking to boost your career, as with everywhere in the world, the bigger the city the more opportunities. Take the leap with the knowledge of going home is always an option if things don’t work out – but they usually do!

4)    Which Local NGO or social active society you would like to be most identify with and Why?

ANSWER: Before I moved, I was involved with a Trap, Neuter, Release programmed for stray dogs, and I’d definitely like to see more NGOs taking this approach.

5)    You are found in 7 social media platform, which one your more frequently updated and why ?

ANSWER: I am most active on Instagram, and since MCO, I am on Tik Tok A LOT! Instagram is my go-to because it’s easiest to update day-to-day via stories, and upload photos. Tik Tok is a whole lotta fun because it can be a challenge, yet also easy to come up with ideas cz there are so many trends.

6)      Wherever you travel for leisure, do you have an eyes for certain things or moments from the perspective as a radio announcer ?

ANSWER: I do notice the way every country’s radio announcers sound different! But as a tourist, other than travelling just because I love exploring different places, I focus a lot on capturing content for social media.

7)     Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now.?

ANSWER: Good question! I am in love with the entertainment industry, and I hope I’ll still be able to do what I love – maybe in a foreign country? The world is our oyster after all! I also just started my podcast, The C Word, on the SYOK app, where I talk to content creators about their secrets to success, so I hope to see that grow. 

Calista Liew works can be seen in the below social platforms, for those who often follow the current social trends update, We recommend Calista Social media platforms, her topics ranges from hottest new Music releases, food & travel writes, Podcast, events


Tik Tok: @Calista Leah Liew 






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Calista Liew with Shawn Mendes
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