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Prior to the late 90’s, stores specialised in outdoor equipment was almost non-existent, and it was in the year 2000, we opened the first specialised outdoor equipment store, GL Extra Enterprise, in Brunei. Business was on the roll and this was a start of an ADVENTURE for us. After SIX years, we officially expanded internationally and landed our first branch in Kota KinabaluEast Malaysia. It was the holy grail of everything adventure; dubbed as heaven for all adrenaline junkies.

Soon after that, we decided it was time to open our second branch here in Kota Kinabalu in the year 2010. This is not the end yet for us, as we powered through to open our fourth store in Seria, Brunei in the year 2013.

We strongly believe that a SUCCESSFUL ADVENTURE begins at our store, from the very first moment our customers are guided by our experience employees to choose the right equipment for their adventure in our stores, to the very last moment they take them off at home after their journey, and being satisfied with the quality and performance of their outdoor gear.


For More Info:

Address: Imago Mall, 1st Floor, Lot F30


Suria Sabah Shopping Mall Lower Ground

Telephones: +6088-274 699(Imago)/ +6088-488 873




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