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Kota Kinabalu : A night to remember for Velvet and Marsha as they performed their first ever concert together at Drum Asia Live KK, Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu. The venue was packed with more than 500 people who came and stayed despite the downpour!

 The fans were entertained with 16 songs from all of their hit songs and their latest duet, entitled ‘Sumandak Sabah’, which was exclusively premiered at the Concert.

 Amongst the songs performed by Marsha Milan were Hilang, Bebaskan and Untuk Terakhir Kali. She also invited Sabahan’s most sought after ‘Social Media Influencer’, Adam Syamil to cover in one of her duet songs, Selalu Milikmu, which was originally a duet by Marsha and Randy Panggalila – An Indonesian actor.  On top of that, she also featured a choir group from Unity Chorale Choir in her other songs like Lay Me Down, Let It Go and Sumandak Sabah.

 Velvet Aduk entertained the crowd with songs like Tolong, Jauh, Bayangan Mu, Ku Perlu and even a dusun song entitled Onuai Oku Timpu which she wrote them herself. There was also Kini Detiknya, sang in Akademi Fantasia 4’s Final Concert.


 “We are so happy and were encouraged by the support shown tonight. Every cheer and applause from the crowd channelled their energy to each of our performance. After keeping this dream to perform together for so long, we were able to finally do it and perform in front our beloved home fans.” – Marsha and Velvet.

“This concert had set the bar higher to my singing career, to which I hope could prove my credibility as a singer and entertainer, something that I have been working for so long. I really hope this does not only end here but will bear its fruits in the near future.” – Marsha Milan

“Perhaps to some, I have been silent in the music industry. It could also be due to other commitments I have in Sabah. But I am actually still active in other creative areas. I am currently working as a radio presenter with Kupi Kupi FM, and I am also venturing into songwriting and composing. The opportunity to have a concert in Sabah is like a sign for me to continue on with my singing career.” -Velvet Aduk

This concert that was organised by Drum Asia Studio with the support of Bornaya Records, Kupi Kupi FM and Bryan Kouju Studios definitely left good memories to both Velvet and Marsha.

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