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A outdoor path reminiscent of an alleyway in Paris, the lane in which you can find at the ground floor of Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu is nothing short of stunning. The walls are adorned with graffiti artwork made by local artists, a relaxing environment, surrounded by amazing eateries. Whether in the day or at night, the walkway here is lively and filled with people strolling to grab a meal or simply bask in the ambiance.

Romantically lit at night, the walkway gives a more emphasis to the restaurants located here. The SOULed Out restaurant located here at Imago Mall is the fourth outlet that has opened in Malaysia. The place serves exceptional dishes and great drinks, which expresses a casual dining atmosphere accompanied by drinking session. Caffébene, also located here, delights you with their fresh coffee, Belgian waffles, Italian gelato and fruit smoothies. You can have the “bingsu” (Korean dessert) to satisfy your sweet tooth as the dessert is truly yummy and has a generous portion. For a more filling feast, Seoul Garden is the go-to place! They serve a wide range of food for their barbeque and steamboat dinner concept, including refillable drinks, ice creams and shaved-ice that you can create on your own.

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