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(Without breaking a sweat)
This feature here is for the MEN. Some are spenders, some are not. Some have the energy of an energizer bunny, while some is in a serious relationship with the couch and your PS4. We get it, so we’ve prepared some ways in which you can be at your 110%, by just giving 1%. Here are the small changes you can make that won’t have you breaking the bank – or a sweat – but will still result in a new and improved YOU.

A. Get a six pack
(Without getting out of bed)

Not everyone is has a gym membership, or the time and motivation to go out for a run. However, we all own a bed. Here’s what you can do to bust those abs without getting out of bed:

1. Hold a plank for 45-60 seconds, followed by 20 seconds rest. Repeat twice.
2. Do 20 V-sit abdominal crunches (a crunch with straight legs lifted at a 45 degree angle) followed by 20 seconds rest. Repeat three times.
3. Hold a side plank for 30 seconds on each side. Repeat twice with no rest in between.

This simple routine can be done twice daily, three times per week and all in the comfort of your crib.

B.  The accessory to lift your whole look
(That’s as easy as tying your shoelaces)

Coloured shoelaces are about as cheap and easy as accessorising gets. Swapping brown laces for red or blue in a pair of brogues will give a cheerful accent to any smart-casual outfit, and you won’t even need to mortgage your car for them.

How to do it:
1. This works best with brown brogues; black brogues can be a bit too dressy.
2. Go for thin, high-quality cotton laces where possible. Fat, nylon laces are for teenagers; curly-ended laces are for six-year-olds.
3. Pare back your other accessories as much as possible. A pocket square might just be permissible, but no flower on your lapel unless you want to look like you’ve recently parted ways with the circus.

C. Unwind after work
(In less than two shakes)

You could take up boxing, tai chi or cross-stitching to relieve the post-work tension, but then again you could also just fix yourself a good drink. For minimal exertion, how about having a classic dry martini? Gin is both light and approachable, yet truly versatile, and the current trend towards drinking a martini very dry, with minimal vermouth, means even less work is required. You’ll need a dash of Noilly Prat vermouth (stored in the fridge) and a large measure of your favourite gin (stored in the freezer). Take your martini glass, pour in a dash of vermouth, and fill with ice-cold gin. You could squeeze a little lemon peel over the top, but that would take some effort, so it’s much easier to just drop in an olive.

D.  Improve your DIY
(No power tools required)

So you unleashed your inner Scrooge during the recent festive season – but why stop there? Instead of always buying new things, how about repairing or improving what you already have? Colour code your keys by using your wife’s or daughter’s nail polish, or use a permanent marker to write quotes on your mugs. For more (lazy) projects, go to this website:

E.  The RM25 grooming investment 
(That will make your hair look a million bucks)

You could grow a goatee, tweeze your eyebrows and invest in hair-plugs, but a good wide tooth comb does wonders to the hair. Use it to draw a parting on the side where the hair falls naturally and back the hair off your face. Hold with moulding cream to reveal a new you.

F.  How to improve at futsal
(With just the power of your mind)

Always know what you’re going to do before you get the ball. Look about and make a picture of what’s around you, so that when that ball comes to you, you don’t have to think. When someone gives you the ball, instead of controlling it, then looking up and thinking, “What am I going to do now?” you’ve already seen where you want it to go. For those who are doing it every day, it becomes natural. It makes the difference between being a good player and being a very, very good player. And that guy might not even pass you the ball, but at least you would have been prepared.

G.  The knife skill to make you cook like a chef
(That won’t cost an arm, leg or finger)

One of the first things you can learn at catering college is knife skills: you won’t get far in a professional kitchen unless you can finely chop shallots and onions at great speed. Just look at the guys in Food Network, they cut onions like rock stars. So you can look like them too. Once you grasp these skills, you don’t ever forget them. Of course, a sharp knife is crucial.n

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